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Transparent Pricing:

Personalized Services at The Grove Salon & Spa

At The Grove Salon & Spa, we operate on a parts and labor shop model, which means all services have a base price. The final price may be adjusted based on factors such as time, length, density, and tonality.

We utilize salon scale technology to accurately calculate the cost of materials used, ensuring that each service price is customized accordingly. This can result in additional charges ranging from $7 to $90+, depending on the complexity of the service, such as a root touch-up or corrective balayage. For spa services, the prices you see are typically what you pay, unless you opt for additional services or have special circumstances. 

This is a brief overview of our services. To see our full service menu please click our booking links.

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Our Pricing

Hair Services

Cuts range from $50-$120+

Root Touch Ups range from $110-$130+

All Over Color range from $130-$150+

Full Highlights range from $160-$200+

Half Head Highlights range from $130-$160+

Balayage range from $230-$260+

Toning Service $120+

Bleach Out starts at $150+

Vivids (including pre-lightening) start at $200+

Toner for lightening services starts at $45+

Hotheads Hair Extensions installation starts at $150+ per hour (does not include cost of hair)

Spa Services:

Relaxation Massage ranges from $70-$130+

Facials range from $65-$130+

Manicures range from $30-$70+

Pedicures range from $45-$80+

Nail Enhancements range from $85-$100+

Lash Extension Sets range from $145-$180+

Hair Removal prices vary based on the area.

Please note that the prices listed are approximate ranges and may vary depending on factors such as hair length, thickness, complexity of the service, and additional customization. For a more accurate quote or any further information, please contact us directly.

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Our Pricing

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